Troubleshooting My Furnace

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Troubleshooting My Furnace

As soon as winter rolled around this year, I knew that I had a problem. Our home heating system didn't seem to be working well, and it was really frustrating. We would wake up to absolutely frosty mornings in our own home, and so I decided to pull out the user's manual. I started researching different furnace problems and it occurred to me that the issue might be the filters. I checked them, and you wouldn't believe how full of dust and debris they were. After they were replaced and the air handler was blown out, my furnace started working again. Check out this blog for more information about troubleshooting your furnace.

How Will The R-22 Phase-Out Affect Your A/C Purchase?

A lot is changed about air conditioners over the past few decades, but one aspect that's remained constant is the type of refrigerant they used. Traditionally, residential air conditioners relied mainly on R-22, also known as Freon, due to its exceptional cooling capabilities. However, the refrigerant also represented an environmental risk due to its negative impact on the ozone layer. As a result, R-22 is being phased out in favor of environmentally friendlier alternatives such as R-410A. Read More 

What Is Causing Your Breaker To Trip When The Cooling System Turns On?

When your circuit breaker trips each time the cooling system turns on, you might be tempted to flip it back on and continue to use the system. However, there could be a potentially serious problem causing the breaker to trip. If you are experiencing this problem, here is what you need to know.   What Is Causing the Breaker to Trip?   If the circuit breaker is constantly tripping when the cooling system turns on, your energy bills could increase. Read More 

Breating Easy: Prevent Allergy Issues By Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

During the spring and summer seasons, allergies tend to kick into full gear. Along with outdoor factors, many allergy issues are caused by the allergens inside your house, which are commonly caused by poor air ventilation. Increased allergens in the air are very problematic for anyone who lives in the home that suffers from chronic respiratory illness or asthma. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to decrease the amount of allergens found in your home. Read More 

Dealing With Waste Draining Slowly Out Of A Toilet

Dealing with waste leaving slowly out of the bowl when a toilet is flushed can be frustrating. If you are in such a situation and can't figure out what is causing the problem, assistance from a plumber, like AAA Home Services, might be necessary. If you have already used a plunger in an attempt to resolve the problem, it is possible that your plunger isn't powerful enough to send enough pressure into the bowl hole. Read More 

Better Energy Design Combining Conventional HVAC With Evaporative Cooling For Home AC

If you are renovating your HVAC system with things like energy upgrades and new AC, then you may want to consider systems that use evaporative coolers. Evaporative cooling systems are also known as swamp coolers, and modern technology has helped them evolve into an option for more efficient cooling in your home. Here are some of the ways evaporative coolers can be used in the energy design of your AC system: Read More