Troubleshooting My Furnace

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Troubleshooting My Furnace

As soon as winter rolled around this year, I knew that I had a problem. Our home heating system didn't seem to be working well, and it was really frustrating. We would wake up to absolutely frosty mornings in our own home, and so I decided to pull out the user's manual. I started researching different furnace problems and it occurred to me that the issue might be the filters. I checked them, and you wouldn't believe how full of dust and debris they were. After they were replaced and the air handler was blown out, my furnace started working again. Check out this blog for more information about troubleshooting your furnace.

The Four Main Reasons To Call For AC Repair

When it comes to taking care of the AC in your home, you definitely don't want to be too late to call for repairs. This is because once problems start to become worse, it can cost a great deal more to fix it. Here are the four main reasons to know so that you can call for AC repair at the right time:

  1. Hissing Sounds: If you notice a hissing sound, you definitely want to call professionals to come inspect and repair your AC. This is because a hissing sound can indicate that the refrigerant is leaking, which can completely damage the compressor. At this point, you are definitely facing more expensive repairs. 
  2. No Inspection Since Last Summer: If summer is fast approaching and you have not had the AC inspected or any repair work done then you will want to call professionals who can come inspect and make repairs if necessary. This will ensure that your AC is up and running properly during the summer season when you are going to be using it the most. This way, no problems arise that can lead to the AC being overworked, which can only lead to its eventual failure and need for more expensive repairs. 
  3. Fall Maintenance: After the AC has been working all summer long, you definitely want to call in the professionals for fall maintenance. During this time, the professionals can refill the refrigerant levels if necessary, which will prevent the unit from overheating once it needs to be used again. On top of this, they can clean the system so that it is free of collected dust and pollen. This will ensure that air flow is not blocked when you need it to be in use again. This helps prepare it for next summer. 
  4. Energy Bills are Higher Than Before: If you notice that your energy bills are much higher than they used to be when running the AC, it is probably because there is something wrong with the system. First off, if it's older than 10 years, it may just be that it needs to be replaced since it can no longer keep up with the workload that is needed. If it's not an older system, it may be because the filters need replacing, which you can do on your own. If it's neither of these problems, then you need to call in the professionals for inspection and repair. 

When you know these four main reasons to call for AC repair, you can be sure that you get it taken care of before more major problems occur.