Troubleshooting My Furnace

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Troubleshooting My Furnace

As soon as winter rolled around this year, I knew that I had a problem. Our home heating system didn't seem to be working well, and it was really frustrating. We would wake up to absolutely frosty mornings in our own home, and so I decided to pull out the user's manual. I started researching different furnace problems and it occurred to me that the issue might be the filters. I checked them, and you wouldn't believe how full of dust and debris they were. After they were replaced and the air handler was blown out, my furnace started working again. Check out this blog for more information about troubleshooting your furnace.

Tips And Tricks For Improving Indoor Air Quality In Winter

Did you know that the biggest reason why people contract colds in the winter months and not the rest of the year has everything to do with air quality? Think about it; you spend more time indoors during these three to six months than you do any other season. You are not getting fresh air. Instead, you are getting stale air laced with lots of germs. Here is how you can improve indoor air quality during winter, breathe better, and never suffer a sniffle.

Buy and Install the Most Expensive Air Filters for Your Furnace

Sure, you wince at paying thirty or forty dollars for a furnace filter, but the price comes with major benefits. These filters are designed to remove more air impurities than your cheap five- to ten-dollar furnace filters. It is akin to installing an air purification filter and HEPA device all in one in your furnace. Additionally, these filters last two or three months, so you do not have to remember to replace them monthly. 

Clean the Air Ducts and Ventilation System

An HVAC contractor can clean and clear out your air ducts and ventilation system. All is well and good with an expensive, multi-purpose, triple-duty furnace filter, but cleaning the ducts first makes the filter all that more efficient. Within a couple of hours, every bit of dust, every bug corpse, and every dusty cobweb in your air ducts and ventilation system are gone.

On Milder Days, Open the Windows for a Bit

Yes, it sounds crazy, but actually opening the windows and turning off your furnace for even thirty minutes can dramatically improve your home's air quality in winter. Pick really mild days where there is little wind and lots of sunshine. Getting some fresh air into the house really helps because it removes some of the stale air that can make you sick. Leave the windows open for an hour, or however long you can tolerate the chilliness, before you shut them again.

The alternative, of course, is braving the cold and taking a walk four times or more a week. This gives you fresh breathing air that you readily exchange for the stale, virus-infected air that you have been breathing indoors. Your nose will run from the cold too, but in the process, it is busily removing any germs that may be in your sinuses already. Winter walks also help if you already have a cold. Contact a company, like Tailor Made Maintenance Inc, for more help.