Troubleshooting My Furnace

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Troubleshooting My Furnace

As soon as winter rolled around this year, I knew that I had a problem. Our home heating system didn't seem to be working well, and it was really frustrating. We would wake up to absolutely frosty mornings in our own home, and so I decided to pull out the user's manual. I started researching different furnace problems and it occurred to me that the issue might be the filters. I checked them, and you wouldn't believe how full of dust and debris they were. After they were replaced and the air handler was blown out, my furnace started working again. Check out this blog for more information about troubleshooting your furnace.

Common Reasons Air Conditioning Systems Freeze

If you turn on your air conditioning system and you don't feel any cooled air, it could be that the system is frozen. Given the fact that an air conditioner is meant to produce cold air, it can seem somewhat out of sorts for an air conditioning system to freeze, but it can happen. If you're experiencing this issue with your system, learn about some of the culprits that could be behind the problem.

Limited Airflow

Air conditioning systems require a steady flow of air to operate correctly. A part of ensuring a proper level of airflow is maintained is keeping the air filter clean. When an air filter is excessively dirty, the amount of air that can circulate through the system is decreased. 

As a result, less warmed air is able to circulate through the unit. The less warmed air that flows through, the more likely it is for the coils to freeze. Everything from pet dander to outside allergens land and collect on the air filter. So, in order to prevent this issue, you should replace or clean the filter regularly to prevent any airflow blockage. 

Dirty Ducts

People often think about ducts as nothing more than a fixture that carries and delivers the cooled air around their home. However, ducts also play an important role in the overall function of the unit. When ducts have an excessive amount of dust buildup or there is a collapsed duct that causes a blockage, air cannot properly circulate from the air conditioning unit. 

Consequently, condensation starts to form on top of the condenser coils, and eventually, the excess moisture turns into ice, which ultimately freezes the coils. In addition to avoiding a problem with your cooling unit, keeping the ducts clean helps keep your home comfortable and keeps your unit operating more efficiently. 

Blower Fan Malfunction

Your air conditioning system is equipped with a blower fan that is designed to pull in warmed air, which in turn frees up space for the cooled air to occupy. When the blower fan fails, this air movement process no longer occurs. Instead, the slow-moving cooled air builds up inside the unit. 

Similar to poor airflow, a buildup of cold air inside the unit can cause the refrigerant inside the unit to freeze. While a blower fan can fail simply due to old age, if your unit often overheats or there is corrosion around the fan, it can also fail. 

If your air conditioning system is frozen, an AC repair professional can diagnose the issue leading to the problem and perform repairs for you.